SiRiSMART Tile Cutter

Professional tile cutter for ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Die-cast aluminium structure ensures sturdiness, reduced weight and extended life - Spring surface helps the tile to detatch - Aluminium handle with special inner insert and scratch-proof protection.

Handle designed for 0 to 2 cm cutting thickness - Square can be oriented on either side, with scale for angles from -45 to +45, bar with inches and scale dor diagonal measurement - Square is pivoted on the cutting line to ensure accurate linear and diagonal cuts - Fitted with scratch-proof anti-slip rubber feet and side foldway supports for big tiles.


Available Sizes
Available Colours


Box Qty 1
Cutting Length (mm) 570 - 900
Cutting Depth (mm) Up to 20
Max angle cutting length (mm) 630
Weight (kg) 10 - 13