Genesis TreadLite Transition uses FlatLite® technology which is an electroluminescent light that operates by exposing phosphor crystals to AC power. The particles are excited by the voltage and frequency and give off light carried through 0.5mm wide strips with a 10mm illuminated face.


What's needed:

1) Channel

2) Insert

3) FlatLite® Light Strip

4) Diffuser

5) Driver



• Low energy consumption

• Easy to install and maintenance free

• Perfect consistent illumination

• No glare hotspots

• Brightness control

• Full technical support

• Max 30mtrs continous length

• Drivers 110V or 240V AC or DC

• Drivers can power 100m of lighting




Available Sizes
Available Colours
Insert 01 White Insert 109 Sky Blue Insert 16 Black Insert 20 Brown Insert 25 Beige Insert 27 Canvas Insert 28 Green Insert 30 Red Insert 43 Dolphin Grey Insert 44 Ice Grey Insert 46 Midnight Grey Insert 47 Yellow Insert 48 Cobalt Blue Insert 52 Lime Insert Tredsafe 601 White Insert Tredsafe 616 Black Insert Tredsafe 643 Dolphin Grey Insert Tredsafe 647 Yellow Insert 80 Mill Aluminium


Channel 16. Black / 81.Matt Silver
Channel Single
Design Straight
W x D (mm) 91 x 35
Max Continuous Length (m) 30
Material Aluminium